All our dogs receive a minimum of three walks a day, we employ a number of full and part time staff to look after the animals in our care. The majority of our staff are either college or degree educated in animal care subjects or pet grooming.

In order to provide the highest standard of care we will be increasing our prices as of 2017.

All boarding fees are charged on a daily basis for your pet. This includes the day of arrival and day of departure.

We must request that all payment is settled by cash, cheque or bank transfer before your pet is collected.

For the guinea pigs and rabbits we provide the accommodation, however we request that for the other boarding small animals, their cages/enclosures are supplied by the owners. We are also asking all owners to provide the food for their small animals whilst they stay with us.


Guest Daily Charge
Small Dogs £16.00
Medium Dogs £18.00
Large Dogs £20.00
Single Cattery £9.50
Double Cattery £17.10
Guest Daily Charge
Rabbit x 1 £4.50
Rabbit x 2 £6.50
Guinea Pig x 1 £3.50
Guinea Pig x 2 £5.00
Chinchilla £4.50
Hamster / Mice / Gerbil / Rat £2.00
Budgies / Canaries £3.00
Parrots Small £4.00
Parrots Large £5.00


A 10% discount will be given if two guests from the same family share a kennel.

A 20% discount will be given if three guests from the same family share a kennel.

A 25% discount will be given if 4 guests from the same family share a kennel.

Please note, bank holidays will be charged at double rate.

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