About Us

Bushmoor Kennels & Cattery of Chelmsford, Essex is now under new ownership. As of October 2014 Karen and Tim Slade have become the new owners of the business.

The staff have been retained so the regular clients will still have the same excellent relationship with the team, and your pets will continue to be cared for by them.

Tim has over 26 years of experience in both working and training dogs. Karen has a wealth of experience after a nursing career and voluntary work with a local animal veterinary charity.

This is a family business, and as dog and cat lovers, all the family will be assisting in the looking after of the cats and dogs whilst they are left in our care.

There are a number of on-going improvements planned to the kennel blocks to increase the standard of boarding accommodation and these will be implemented over the coming months.

The Cattery is in a secluded and quiet area to the opposite side of the house some distance away from the kennels. The kennel blocks are adjacent to the paddock and exercise area. Bushmoor House is located in over 5 acres of beautiful Essex countryside just off of a busy Chelmsford route and the three kennel blocks are all separate and consequently, are quieter than most. The separation of the kennel block and cattery allows a quiet and peaceful environment for both sets of animals.

Visitors are welcome at any time to inspect the kennels, meet the team and see how the animals are cared for.

As a new business we invite customers to suggest how they think our service can be improved, and what they would like to see implemented for future reservations with us.


Our usual opening times are shown below.

Monday to Saturday 09.30-11.30 and 2.30-4.30

Sunday 9.30-11.00

Bank Holidays closed for collections and drop offs.

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